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For Founders & VC's

We are an EU-based tokenomics consulting firm working with Founders and VC’s in the fields of DeFi, GameFi, and Web3. Dedicated to building and launching sustainable tokenized ventures we’ve created a methodology that works. Leveraging the latest innovations, adopting a data-driven approach and with best practices from the industry and our clients.

Our services

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the token economy and are committed to delivering tailored solutions that enable our clients to achieve their strategic goals and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, we have the expertise and experience to help you navigate the complex world of tokenomics and succeed in today’s dynamic digital landscape.


Tokenomics Setup & Audit

We provide comprehensive tokenomics setup services, defining tailored token strategies and ensuring compliance with legal frameworks.

We equip you with real-world best practices and insights to avoid common pitfalls, empowering your project's growth and longevity.

Trust us to deliver a robust tokenomics solution that aligns with your project's unique goals and objectives.

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Modeling & Simulations

Our experienced team offers data-driven tokenomics modeling services, including distribution, supply, and demand forecasting.

We conduct comprehensive risk analyses and design incentives and play-to-earn mechanisms to optimize user engagement.

We help you create a solid foundation for your tokenized venture, fostering stability, growth, and long-term success.

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Token Launch

We provide end-to-end support for token launches, guiding you through the process of contracting with exchanges, liquidity providers, and market makers.

Additionally, we grant access to our extensive investor databases, connecting your project with potential backers and facilitating growth.

Rely on us to confidently launch your token, driving your project's growth and success.

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What we work on


Services and protocols offering diverse investment opportunities using secure blockchain platforms for services like lending, borrowing, trading, and asset management.

Utility Tokens

Ventures launching their own native tokens to represent access to a particular product or service. Such as SaaS, platforms, marketplaces, and protocols.


Organizations offering Real World Asset tokenization for easier investment, unique asset classes, and transparency to benefit from on-chain provenance and improved liquidity.


Communities and organizations using NFTs for Tickets, Loyalty rewards, Voting rights, Staking to incentivize a community behaviour.


Games & Studio's that are unlocking blockchain gaming potential with on-chain assets, native tokens and in-game marketplaces.


Our favourite organizations that are working on governance, voting, staking, revenue sharing, access control, incentive alignment and decentralized fundraising.

Who we work with

Building the sustainable token economy

Our firm has extensive knowledge in token strategy, ecosystem design, token modeling, economic incentives and value mechanics. Having successfully executed dozens of token based projects we understand the core principles of designing tokenized ventures for the token economy.

Token economy

The rules, mechanisms, and processes that determine how tokens are distributed among participants and how they are allocated over time. This includes considerations such as token issuance, token sale or fundraising events, token rewards for specific activities or contributions, token vesting schedules, and any token burn or token buyback mechanisms. 

Ecosystem design

Tokens in blockchain technology serve crucial purposes such as governance, security, and utility. The token design aims to facilitate effective governance, enhance security, and provide efficient utility within the blockchain ecosystem. We aim to ensure fairness, incentivize participation, and align the interests of stakeholders within the ecosystem.

Token incentives

Token incentives are mechanisms that motivate and reward participants in a tokenized ecosystem. They can include financial rewards, governance rights, access to services, network effects, and alignment of interests. These incentives encourage active participation and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability.

Token simulation

In the rapidly evolving web3 landscape, understanding blockchain project tokenomics is vital. Unfortunately, many projects struggle to effectively communicate their tokenomics to outsiders. A clear presentation of a project’s tokenomics helps potential investors make informed decisions about whether to invest in the project.


Decision-making power within the network is a crucial aspect of governance. Understanding who holds this power is essential for effective management and operation of the network.

Token launch

This involves making key considerations such as total supply, initial supply, inflationary or deflationary nature, market cap, listing prices, diluted value, and circulating supply. These factors play a vital role in understanding the token’s distribution, market dynamics, and potential value.

Our experienced firm, boasting 80+ successful tokenomics projects, specializes in crafting bespoke token strategies and battle tested token models for your project. We tailor tokenomic strategies across DeFi, GameFi, Web3, and more, we prioritize long-term sustainability  while delivering investor- and whitepaper-ready tokenomics.

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Meet our founder

Vincent de Vos


Vincent is a seasoned professional in the Blockchain and Crypto industry since 2015 when blockchains started offering support for dApps (Smart Contracts). He’s currently active as non-executive advisor in several tokenized ventures and participates actively in  some DAO’s as well.

By establishing Chainforce, Vincent’s mission is to launch sustainable tokenized ventures in the token economy. And thereby driving the adoption of blockchain technology to create a future that is more transparent, efficient, and equitable.

Get professional help on tokenomics

Collaborate with industry experts and leverage benchmarked data to establish robust and sustainable tokenomics that instill confidence in your investors and community. With our assistance, you can create a strategic approach to tokenomics that aligns with your business objectives and delivers long-term value. By relying on our expertise and data-driven insights, you can make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability in the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of DeFi, GameFi, and Web3.