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Founded on the campus of Technical University Eindhoven with an ambition to drive the adoption of blockchain technology.

At Chainforce we combine consulting services with proprietary data and specialized software to create sound tokenomics that supports the building and launching of tokenized ventures and the creation of healthy ecosystems.

We manage the lifecycle of blockchain tokens end-to-end. From token design to modeling its parameters, to forecasting demand/supply, running simulations, and launching the token to the public.

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Tokenization creates more transparency, efficiency and fair ownership.

The tokenization of ventures and resources creates new opportunities to organize better, align incentives, raise funds, capture value, and redistribute value in a trustless and fair way using the blockchain. 

At the same time tokenization, means that you’re creating and running your own mini-economy and this comes with responsibility and new kinds of challenges.

Tokenomics can make or break your venture. Benchmarked models give investors more confidence while also supporting the value of your token and incentivizing stakeholders for sustainable growth. We ensure that your allocations, emissions, and token pricing attract investment & get support from your community


Core Team

With our modest yet diverse backgrounds in Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science, we possess the necessary skills to craft effective tokenomic solutions. In addition, our team members contribute to the Web3, Blockchain, and DAO communities, further enriching our collective expertise.

Vincent de Vos

Chief Tokenomics

Leston Alvarez

Economics analyst
Web3 Researcher

Otto Kaandorp

Data scientist
Modeling & Simulations


Simplifying tokenomics and launching the next tokenized ventures of the future.


We believe that the adoption and usage of blockchain technology driven through tokenization will create a future that is more transparent, efficient, and with more fair ownership.



Having the courage to overcome obstacles and explore novel avenues where others won't go.


Encourage fresh concepts and ideas while being pragmatic and getting things done.


Elevate people and business through knowledge by making tokenomics available to everyone.

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