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Token Launch Success

Welcome to Chainforce, your hands-on experts in token economics and go-to-market. With a rich background in Web3, DeFi, GameFi we offer more than advice — we partner with you to create impactful token design and launch strategies. From planning to launch, we tailor our expertise to your unique needs, ensuring your token journey stands out.

Token Sale Mastery

Sales Round Planning

We refine your token sale strategy to meet your goals, planning it in phases to achieve your targets. We evaluate your fundraising needs, set round-specific goals, and determine optimal token prices. Moreover, we advise on conducting sale rounds, choosing between static or dynamic pricing and the right auction types. This ensures your fundraising aligns with your vision and business direction.

Sales Channel Strategy

We elevate your token's visibility by blending the strengths of IDO launchpads, major exchanges, and your own marketing efforts. Our strategy ensures your token shines across all stages of sale, focusing on securing prime listings and navigating the complexities of exchange requirements with precision. We streamline the process, spotlighting your project and smoothing the path to prominent market presence.

Listing Support

Navigating the complexities of launchpad and exchange applications can be daunting, especially as the scale and requirements increase. We streamline the application process, ensuring your token listing proceeds without a hitch. Leveraging our strong relationships with key launchpads, exchanges, and liquidity providers, we guarantee your token enjoys optimal market liquidity from the get-go.

Strategic Sales Round Planning

We tailor your token sale strategy to fit your unique vision, analyzing funding requirements to structure phased sales rounds that target optimal outcomes. Expect calculated listing prices and fundraising goals that resonate with your ambitions and business objectives.

Sustainable by aligned incentives

Any successful tokenized project relies on their investors, partners, community and eco-system to boost and support their growth. Our tokenomics strategies are built with virality in mind, to make sure your token incentivizes community-led growth. 

We optimize your token vesting, cliffs, lockups  and release schedule so your eco-system get their tokens on time and are incentivized to contribute to your venture objectives.

Example of vesting and circulating supply

Get investor ready tokenomics

To succeed, your project needs funding. So presenting your strategy tailored to investors is crucial. We’ve read 200+ whitepapers and have created the tokenomics for 65+ projects. We have weekly conversations with founders and we’re up to date on the latest industry benchmarks.

Client Successes

Engineering Sustainable Token Economies

We are hands-on experienced token engineers, data scientists, economists who’ve been active in blockchain & crypto since 2016. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the token economy because we’ve been there. We are committed to delivering tailored solutions that enable our clients to achieve their strategic goals and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, we have the expertise and experience to help you navigate the complex world of tokenomics and succeed in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Token Launch Strategy

This is a vital component in building your tokenized venture. We help in determining the number of sales rounds, channel strategy for each sales round, establish a roadmap towards token listings,  collaborate with Launchpads, CEXs, and Liquidity Providers.

Token Economy Validation

In the rapidly evolving web3 landscape, understanding blockchain project tokenomics is vital. Unfortunately, many projects struggle to effectively communicate their tokenomics to outsiders. A clear presentation of a project’s tokenomics helps potential investors make informed decisions about whether to invest in the project.

Token incentives

Token incentives are mechanisms that motivate and reward participants in a tokenized ecosystem. They can include financial rewards, governance rights, access to services, network effects, and alignment of interests. These incentives encourage active participation and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability.

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