Tokenomics Audit

Our expert-led tokenomics audits are designed to enhance your Web3 token model by providing a thorough analysis of its design. This process aims to improve stability, increase value, and provide assurance to investors and your venture.

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Enhance your token design through expert tokenomics auditing.


Tokenomics audit provides a thorough review of your project's token model, giving you the confidence that it's designed to perform as intended.


Audit report offers reputable proof of the robustness of your token model, providing potential investors with the assurance they need to invest in your project.


Our expert team with a proven track record in complex tokenomics modeling ensures that your project's token model is transparent, secure, and trustworthy, giving you the trust and credibility you need in the market.

Chief Tokenomics Officer

“After designing the ecosystem and token economy we take the extra step to stress test and validate that the model is economically robust and shows sustainable mathematics.”

Which tokenized projects need tokenomics auditing?


Ensure feedback loops won’t cause implosion/explosion of the token economy.


Confirm a stable in-game economy balancing inflationary or deflationary economy mechanisms.


Verify token model as an insurance against financial assumptions.


Analyse edge-case scenarios of peg and collateralization.

When is the right time to audit tokenomics?

A pre-launch audit of the tokenomics plan is recommended to ensure a secure and reliable launch and to detect and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Post-launch audits are an essential aspect of evaluating real-world performance and ensuring that any adjustments needed are duly made based on real behavioural data.

Performing regular audits is crucial to stay in control, maintaining ongoing compliance, investor trust and efficiently identifying potential risks proactively.

What's inside the Chainforce Tokenomics Audit?

Agent-based modeling

A skilled system analyst identifies and simulates system components for efficient design and functionality.

Game theory

Provides insight into human behavior, ensures trust through algorithms, and enhances security and reliability.

Edge cases

Consider hypothetical scenarios to identify potential system failures, with the goal of enhancing system reliability and robustness.


Numerical price models

Analysis of numerical price models to generate price projections that confirm token value appreciation and ensure a stable and profitable tokenomics model.


Empirical analysis

Empirical analysis that utilizes data from other protocols to validate system design, understand real-world behavior, and identify potential issues.


Structural analysis

Break down and analyze system components to identify and address potential problems, thus achieving optimal system design and efficiency.


How does it work?

What you get after the audit?


The Tokenomics Audit conducted by Chainforce’s Token Engineers comprises a comprehensive and impartial evaluation that emphasizes the security of the protocol economics. With a strong foundation in Economics and Computer Science, our team’s focus is on ensuring the robustness and efficiency of the token model and cultivating a trustworthy relationship with investors and the community. Rest assured that our Token Engineers will leave no stone unturned during the audit process, providing you with a detailed report outlining any vulnerabilities and suggesting corrections to enhance your token’s economic security. Choose Chainforce as your Tokenomics Audit partner, and we’ll provide you with expert guidance that helps maintain security in your token protocols.

Our services offer significant advantages to your project, both internally and externally. Our team assists clients in strengthening their token economy, making it more robust and efficient. We provide tangible evidence of your tokenomics’ robustness, which can be leveraged in investor discussions and shared with retail investors, thereby boosting trust and confidence in your project. Our services aim to provide comprehensive support in maximizing the potential of your project’s token economy, enhancing its sustainability, reliability and marketability. We understand the importance of establishing a strong foundation for your project’s token economy, and we ensure that our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your project. With our expertise and experience, you can rest assured that your project is in capable hands.

1. Structural Analysis
Our approach involves the use of formal tools to analyze the incentives and inter-relationships between agents, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative elements. Through structural analysis, we are able to identify issues such as feedback loops and misaligned incentives using game theoretic breakdowns, value flow diagrams, and equations.

2. Empirical Analysis
Through the analysis of data from comparable projects, we aim to gain insights into the potential real-world performance of the system. Using statistical modeling and machine learning techniques, we are able to offer a “emperical proof” of the design’s likelihood for success.

3. Numerical Models for Fair Valuation
Through simulations and financial projections, we meticulously generate price projections across numerous scenarios, taking into account various factors such as initial price, distribution, holding period, staking, and speculative dynamics. This comprehensive analysis serves to validate whether the tokenomics model effectively fosters token appreciation, aligning with the company’s financial projections and business assumptions.

4. Stress Testing
Stress testing is a crucial step in the design process, as it helps identify and address any potential weaknesses. By simulating negative outcomes, such as a token price crash, designers can ensure that their product can withstand various scenarios. This final step before rating allows for any necessary adjustments to be made, ensuring a more robust and reliable design.

5. Rating
Our tokenomics project rating is derived from a comprehensive assessment questionnaire and guidelines from the Journal of the British Blockchain Association. This rating is designed to provide informed investors with an understanding of the potential risks associated with the project, with a specific focus on tokenomics. It excludes external factors such as product-market fit or marketing, allowing for a more nuanced evaluation of the project’s financial viability.

Tokenomics services

Token Launch Strategy

We provide end-to-end support for token launches, guiding you through the process of contracting with exchanges, liquidity providers, and market makers. Rely on us to confidently launch your token, driving your project's growth and success.

Tokenomics Setup

With data on 350+ tokens we design your token economy incl. token supply, allocations, vesting schedule, token prices, liquidity for DEX/CEX, the circulating supply at launch, liquidity for the DEX, market cap, and fully diluted valuation.

Token Economy Validation

Our simulation enables feedback to design strong token systems. We provide expertise and assistance in transforming your system into a visual simulation that shows ROI potential, evaluates design decisions and provides insights for optimization.

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