Incentive models

Driving Long-Term Success in Web3 Projects

Discover the power of incentives in Web3 tokenomics. Learn how they drive long-term success, attract users, and foster a vibrant ecosystem. Optimize your project’s tokenomics with a tokenomics advisor.

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Uncovering the Impact of Payment Tokens on the Environment

Payment tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum have revolutionized digital transactions, but their environmental impact is a growing concern. This article explores the carbon footprint of payment tokens and compares the environmental impact of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mechanisms.

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Learn Tokenomics

How to choose the optimal token vesting schedule for your venture

Founders sometimes establish a lockup on the tokens that starts after they are generated/distributed in order to align incentives because tokens are noticeably much more liquid than traditional equities. These detentions may last for a few hours or for many years. By examining where lockups are now and how they’ve developed over the previous few years, we’ll be discussing industry norms below.

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