Tokenomics & Tokenization

Discover the world of Tokenomics – the field that explores the design of economic systems using blockchain technology. 

From the rise of IDOs, IGOs, Launchpads, and Liquidity Pools, to the emergence of DeFi protocols, the way we think about fundraising and investment is changing. Stay ahead of the curve and learn about Tokenomics.


At Chainforce, our team has extensive knowledge in token economic mechanics, having successfully executed dozens of Tokenomics projects. We understand the principles of incentives, staking, yield, burning, and rewards for various use cases.

Token classification

The primary purpose of the token is to serve as a tool for governance, security, and utility.

Token design

Utility token or dual token system (combining governance and utility/reward) are both options for tokenization in blockchain technology.

Token incentives

Explore the various ways tokens can be utilized and discover the reward systems for participants and stakeholders.

Token policy

Define the distribution and allocation of tokens, including information on how tokens are distributed and allocated.


Decision-making power within the network is a crucial aspect of governance. Understanding who holds this power is essential for effective management and operation of the network.

Token metrics

Such as the token’s total supply, initial supply, inflationary vs deflationary economies, market cap, listing prices, diluted value, circulating supply.


We specialize in designing and implementing Tokenomics for your project. Our expert team can help you navigate the world of Tokenomics by exploring key topics such as:

DeFi Tokenomics

Get comprehensive tokenomics solutions for businesses in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space

Land & Metaverse Tokenomics

Specializing in NFTs and Governance Tokens for Land, Buildings, and Virtual Worlds

NFT Tokenomics

For collectibles and NFT communities. Guidance and strategies for creating, managing, and utilizing digital assets within these communities.

GameFi & P2E Tokenomics

Unlock the full potential of blockchain gaming with GameFi Tokenomics - the ultimate solution for token economy design in blockchain games and gaming platforms.

DAO Tokenomics

For Decentralized and Autonomous Organizations - Utilize Token Mechanics for Success

Ecosystem Tokenomics

Focussed on complex systems featuring multiple decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) services

Our tokenomics are based on the latest benchmarks from successful projects

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